Analyze the analysis

Analyze the Analysis of each trade

The title says it all. If you can master analysis and capitalize on an opportunity, you can be rich trading options. In order to do this however the trader must first, analyze the analysis. But…How do I analyze the analysis? By waiting until the trade is closed. At which time, an opportunity for such hypocrisy is presented and I highly recommend you make the effort to perform this FREE  function. I realize it … Read moreAnalyze the analysis

It’s time to STOP using stop loss orders!

Lying Broker Stop Loss Image

So, lets talk briefly today about stop loss orders. They’re supposed to be that one simple thing every trader uses to protect themselves from catastrophe, right?

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Technical Analysis can make you rich?

Technical Analysis Post Featured Image

The thorn in everyone’s side has to be whether technical analysis actually works. Some agree it does, still others aren’t quite sure. I’ll avoid, for now, delving into that specific conundrum because  frankly, who knows if it does or doesn’t. My belief however is simple, the market is a fickle place and sometimes it adheres to technical points … Read moreTechnical Analysis can make you rich?

Playing it “safe” with a Covered Call strategy

Does such a thing actually exist? Well sort of… and its known as a Covered Call. The strategy is simply the purchase of 100 shares and the simultaneous sale of a call option. The covered call is both an introductory and advanced trade for it’s simplicity, but also for its ability to teach new traders the concept of hedging and … Read morePlaying it “safe” with a Covered Call strategy