Bollinger Bands Trading Strategy

Bollinger Bands Trading Strategy

As noted in the title of this post, I’ll be using the next few paragraphs to discuss the Bollinger Bands trading strategy. Using the Bollinger Bands indicator I’ll uncover the potential power behind this simple but often overlooked trading tool.

Bollinger Bands were developed by John Bollinger to determine overbought and oversold conditions within a market. Additionally, for a complete breakdown of bollinger bands check out this post from However, with some additional information you’ll soon see they’re capable of much more than that!

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Options Strategies…Much Easier Now!

Options Strategies

As the title suggests, options strategies are infinitely easier with volatility reaching these extreme levels. That doesn’t mean we should throw caution to the wind and trade every strategy known to man. It does however offer an opportunity to make some quick cash and in this market that could be much needed.

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Are Trendlines worth the effort?

Many traders may agree, using trendlines is like trying to paint a Picasso. We’ve all seen the trading guru’s chart with them drawn in, they seem so clear, so ridiculously crystal clear about what to do next its almost painful. Why then do I and so many others struggle to use them? In the next few paragraphs, I hope to simplify trendlines and shed more light on their use.

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When stop loss orders don’t work, do this!

Stop Loss Order Featured image

Stop orders are a good thing. Understanding that will serve a trader well. They limit trading losses, and that’s great! The problem is…that seems to be the only thing ever said about stop loss orders and that isn’t great! The truth is, stop loss orders can fail and if you’re anything like me you may just have forgotten to plan for that.

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An ultra short term trading strategy for quick profits!

short term trading

So, generally speaking I don’t love any short term trading strategy.. mostly due to the fact I lose more money than I make but given the simplicity and potential power of this new strategy it seems reasonable to share.

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