An ultra short term trading strategy for quick profits!

short term trading

So, generally speaking I don’t love any short term trading strategy.. mostly due to the fact I lose more money than I make but given the simplicity and potential power of this new strategy it seems reasonable to share.

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Placing High Probability Trades using Fibonacci Levels

In my last post I mentioned placing a pin in the discussion about finding trades after Fib levels were identified. In today’s post were going to pull the pin and continue our conversation about high probability trades.

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Proven Trading Formula

Two things I love; trading and sports. The similarities between the two cannot be overstated. Each requires focus, skill, practice, and most of all, strategy. We can learn a lot about successful trading just by studying our favorite teams or players. Let’s discuss, in brief.

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When do Options Adjustments make Sense?

Let’s talk about options adjustments. That mythical term that new options traders hear all about but are never actually made privy to. Well, take heart, I was right there not so long ago. I searched aimlessly for someone sharing their strategy on options adjustments but all I found were countless “gurus” claiming that to be consistently profitable you have to make proper options adjustments. Followed with…so buy this course…and so on…

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Trade Timing…Is it all wrong?

The title should have tipped you off that this post will indeed discuss timing and more specifically, emotionally charged trade timing. That’s a head scratcher but let’s get into this because I know all to well (wink wink) just how important trade timing can be.

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