Hello OptionBoxers! Please find below the download link to my latest FREE spreadsheet. The Iron Condor Strategy Spreadsheet Tracker.

Before we begin, please do take a minute to view my Short Iron Condor post or checkout this video from ProjectOption to learn more.

Download your copy of the FREE Iron Condor Strategy Spreadsheet here. Its available freely and safely.

Tracker Revised to add total trades, win percentage, and correct inaccurate risk calculation on 12/30/21.

Step 1 – Create a Copy

*Highlight the entire sheet.

Step 2 – Paste copy to a new sheet

*Create a new sheet, right-click, copy, or ctrl-v from cell A1.

Step 3 – Rename sheet

* For more information on how to complete steps 1-3 please have a look at my free covered call spreadsheet tracker.

Step 4 – Open the Position

Iron Condor Strategy Spreadsheet Open or close
Dropdown to Open or Close Position

Step 5 – Enter Initial Trade Details

Iron Condor Strategy Entry Trade Details
Enter Initial Iron Condor Strategy Information

Step 6 – Adjust (If needed)

Iron Condor Adjustment Details

*Don’t forget to adjust expiration date or strike widths if an adjustment becomes necessary. As always, close the initial short credit for both the calls and the puts by entering the closed price in the respective debit columns.

Step 7 – Enjoy!

Using the Investment lookup section you can search the entire sheet for any specific asset. Additionally, you can see how all your iron condor positions are performing from the “All Positions” header. Moreover, these two functions will keep you abreast of any unnecessary risks that may result from adjusting an initial position.

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