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The only stock or options Trading Journal Spreadsheet or Analysis Spreadsheet tool you’ll need to tackle the market with confidence. The spreadsheets are packed with tools to maximize profitability immediately and do it without breaking a sweat! Stop wasting hours on the “due diligence” and let the information come to you. Enter the desired trade and see how it stacks up in the market. If it looks good, place the trade. If the spreadsheet returns an undesirable result you’ll know its time to move on to the next trade.

Once you’ve found the perfect trade and your account balance is spinning up simply head over to the trade entry page to enter the data. Next, check out the performance tab to see behind the curtain and under the hood of all your trading decisions. Armed with that knowledge, you’ll have the best seat in the house as your trading career takes flight!

Using the power of excel this analysis spreadsheet will use the most important investment and options metrics every trader needs and simplify it into a clear directional bias or investment decision. On any ticker, at any time! Simply enter the required pieces of information and watch as the spreadsheet analyzes the data for you. Its easy to use and requires very little excel knowledge. Simply follow the included instructional videos inside and let’s tackle the financial markets together.

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Trading Journal Spreadsheet & Analysis Spreadsheet – Tools to Maximize Profitability and Reveal Market Insights NOW!

*Analysis Spreadsheet designed for use with ThinkorSwim*


System Requirements

Windows – Requires Microsoft Excel with macros enabled. Nothing more! Everything works immediately.

Mac – Requires Windows be run virtually or via dual-boot. More information about each can be found at the respective links below. Each option listed here is FREE at the time of this writing.

  1. VMware Fusion – Retrieve a free personal use license.
  2. Dual Boot – Information regarding this method from Apple.

Additionally, to retrieve a free copy of Windows for use with Dual boot and possibly VMware Fusion please have a look here, Windows Insider Program. It’s FREE, LEGAL, LEGITIMATE and fully supported by Microsoft.

Release Notes (Updated 1/17/21)

Release V1.2
Corrected Live Options Calculation
Added Dynamic Lifetime Equity Graph for all accounts
Added dynamic Equity Graphy by Month
Applied buttons for quick access to trade logs & Start/Stop Calculations
Black-Scholes calculator tool added – linked with OptionsAnalysis data for easy extraction – Just Analyze data via OptionsAnalysis and Black-Scholes page will populate


You and I have a lot in common! In brief, we like to trade! Similarly, we’re willing to spend our hard earned money on the right Trading Journal Spreadsheet to gain an edge in the market. Although, you’re likely here because profits have been sporadic, mediocre, or down right non-existent! You’ve tried everything, read all the articles, watched all the videos, re-read that encyclopedia of a so called “trading manual”, but still the result is little changed. Possibly, just like me, you’ve tried creating a dynamic trading plan, maybe even took the next step and laser focused your money management principles. However, the outcome feels like it was all for nothing. I know, I’ve been there!

What I’ve come to realize as I navigate this minefield we call the “Markets” is that most of the time I spend is just that, time I spend.

Why? Because no matter which direction I seem to look the reports are always mixed. Some good. Some bad. Each of which create the type of confusion that I equate to insanity! It’s not good for us as humans and it’s certainly not good for our profitability. Of course, we push onward to the next piece of information that “has to be” the answer to this insane riddle. We want to solve it but we haven’t yet figured out how.

Fortunately, I’m right there with you and I just couldn’t do it that way anymore. After some time away from the markets I started asking myself some questions about the viability of trading as a source of income or as a wealth generation medium, long term. I knew the answer and it wasn’t what I wanted. Therefore, I started looking elsewhere for opportunities to invest my savings. Ultimately, it turns out most all investment opportunities capable of producing the kind of returns the stock market can require even more of my precious time and energy.


The Turn Around

That wasn’t going to work for me either, so I went back to the drawing board and the Trading Journal Spreadsheet & Analysis Spreadsheet was born. Armed with the knowledge of what clearly didn’t work I focused my time on creating the Trading Analysis Spreadsheet first. Furthermore, I wanted to cut out all the back and forth from the analysis portion of my trading and find a clear, buy, sell, or run away signals based on the information. Equally important, without the time consuming task of doing the work for each and every trade. From there, the next step was clear. Comprehensively track my options and investments. Thus, creating the ability to track and analyze the trade data for potential biases or weaknesses. It was the perfect combination of Identify, trade, review, and correct.

The perfect combination of tools to Identify a trade, review the trade, and correct mistakes.

It was an empowering process to say the least and one that I’m eager to share. First, I finally knew what I could do and I saw vividly how much it could help anyone in a similar position. Second, I know this spreadsheet will provide value to even the most experienced trader but it was built simple enough the newest trader will use it without complication. Moreover, leveraging the sometimes mind-bending capabilities of Excel the spreadsheet is highly customizable.

I do hope you enjoy it, see the value in it, and most importantly profit from its use. Additionally, should you ever have any questions I’m readily available at Jeff@OptionBoxer.com.

With that, lets take a look at all that’s included…


Trading Journal Spreadsheet & Analysis Spreadsheet includes;

Options Analysis Spreadsheet

  1. Dynamic directional analysis Indicator
  2. Dynamic market skew Indicator
  3. Long term trend
  4. Dynamic market internals Indicator
  5. Dynamic max pain Indicator
  6. Put and Call options chains
  7. Bid/Ask prices
  8. Intrinsic/Extrinsic values
  9. The greeks
  10. Probability OTM
  11. Current IV
  12. Open interest
  13. Volume
  14. Beta
  15. Put/Call ratio
  16. Sizzle index
  17. Put/Call Sizzle index
  18. DTE
  19. Expected moves
  20. Much, much, More!!


Investment analysis spreadsheet

  1. Proprietary Strong buy, buy, wait, or sell Indicator
  2. Virtually all conceivable fundamental metrics;
    1. Book value
    2. BVPS
    3. FCF/Share
    4. Yield
    5. PE
    6. Sales Growth
    7. Price/Sales
    8. Price/Book
    9. Price/FCF
    10. Debt/Equity
    11. Buyback Yield
    12. Shareholder Yield
    13. Current Ratio
    14. Payout Ratio
    15. And so much more!!


Options Trading Journal Spreadsheet

  1. Long & Short Position tracking
  2. Cumulative unit tracking
  3. Transaction costs
  4. Commission costs
  5. Realized or unrealized gains or losses
  6. Position Values
  7.  Total Options Costs
  8. Total Current Value
  9. Profitability by year
  10. Top performing strategy
  11. Lowest performing strategy
  12. Statistics by strategy
  13. And many more…


LIVEOptions Trading Spreadsheet

A one of a kind tool to keep track of LIVE options trades by position, right where it belongs, with the rest of your data. Furthermore, your information is compiled into one easy to use format, so you get back to doing what’s important. Trading. Additionally, this tool will track short or long positions for any 4-leg strategy you could dream up. Have more than 4-legs, no problem! Simply enter it as another trade and watch as the spreadsheet packs it all together neatly. Want to track legs individually, no trouble! To explain, simply append an identifier to the Ticker symbol and vwah-lah, you’re managing your data on a whole new level. All within excel, the most widely used business analysis tool on the planet!


Investment Trading Journal Spreadsheet

  1. Long & Short Position tracking
  2. Cumulative unit tracking
  3. Transaction costs
  4. Commission costs
  5. Realized or unrealized gains or losses
  6. Position Values
  7.  Total Portfolio Costs
  8. Total Current Value
  9. Profitability by year
  10. Top performing strategy
  11. Lowest performing strategy
  12. Statistics by Strategy
  13. Statistics by Account
  14. Dividends Received & Expected
  15. Winning percentages
  16. Loss percentages
  17. And so much more…

Moreover, all of the above has been thoughtfully created from the central dashboard screen. No more searching for the proper tab at the bottom of excel. Everything is easily available from the button ribbon on the OptionBoxer Dashboard.


DashBoard Spreadsheet

  1. Quick link to every spreadsheet
  2. Investment Graph – Dynamic
  3. Sector Allocation Graph – Dynamic
  4. S&P Graph – Dynamic
  5. VIX Graph – Dynamic
  6. Market Internals Chart – Dynamic
  7. Equity Growth by Year – Dynamic
  8. Equity Growth by Month – Dynamic
  9. And much more to come…

*Dynamic – Updated based on data entry and current market conditions


Bonus tools included;

No tool belt would be complete with out a few additional tools. Some tried and true, some new, but all designed to maximize profitability.

  1. Cyclical Analysis Spreadsheet tool – Wondering why May is such a bad time to trade the SPY, or curious why your consumer staples stocks are underperforming? Just break out this tool to have a look at the absolute best time to be invested in a certain market.
  2. Compound Interest Calculator – The flagship of analysis spreadsheet investment tools! Want to see how much you need to save and how often to reach a certain value at retirement? Don’t bother Googling for one, its right here.
  3. Value Average Calculator – A unique tool designed to target a 10% growth portfolio. As the value of an investment climbs, sell some shares. As it falls, buy some more and value average you’re way to a 10% return.
  4. Fibonacci Calculator – Enter the high and low of an uptrend or a downtrend and identify that next major support or resistance level effortlessly.
  5. Black-Scholes Calculator – This tool will aid in finding that next overvalued or undervalued option.
  6. More tools currently being built and scheduled to be released soon!


Everything you see here is packed into this spreadsheet workbook and I apologize if this post has become a cheesy sales letter. I just know it will help and I would love to make some extra income for the work I’ve put into it. If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out at Jeff@OptionBoxer.com.

For more information now, please view the complete walkthrough videos listed below to better understand the tools that are included and how to use them.


Trading Journal Spreadsheet & Analysis Spreadsheet Cost & What You’ll Get When You Buy

Every purchase is a one time charge of $59.99 + Tax. No recurring charges here. However, given the nature of downloadable products, once you’ve used it there really isn’t a way to return it and as such no returns will be given unless first discussed at Jeff@OptionBoxer.com.

Every purchase will include a 3 download license. Simply fill in the criteria during purchase (name, email, zip, etc.) to create an account and you can return there to view invoices, download updates, and receive discounts for any future purchases.


Legal Stuff

Under no circumstances is the spreadsheet to be disseminated for any reason. In other words, you paid for something no one else has so its probably best not to give away the secrets to our success. Your accounts and my own thank you very much for understanding.

Still have a question? You know how to reach me… Jeff@OptionBoxer.com

P.S. If you don’t need the journal function, the analysis spreadsheet may be a good option. Check it out, OptionBoxer Analyze.

God bless,


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