Hello OptionBoxer’s, lets talk referrals! Specifically, Webull referrals. As a user of their service I can say that overall the platform is above average and with commission free trading its hard to go wrong. Rather than bore you with yet another review of the platform today’s post will highlight how current users can potentially supplement their income by referring friends to Webull. Additionally, it will offer an opportunity to anyone interested to take part in claiming some FREE shares of stock.

Webull Promotions

Webull promotions exist to draw users to their platform. Now, I’m not on the inside but it just seems logical that the more money housed in their coffers, the more money they stand to make. Be it through their own investments, order flow, interest, etc. It just makes sense to have as many users, and their money, as possible.

While Webull does ultimately benefit from having you sign up and deposit money, they do offer what I believe is the most lucrative referral program in the industry. As of this writing, they’re currently offering up to 6 free stocks to anyone signing up. That’s just crazy! At minimum, you’ll receive somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 with a chance at much, much more!

The Webull refer a friend program is essentially a dividend machine to those using the platform. For that reason, I think it prudent we take advantage of the opportunity while it exists.

How to Refer a Friend to Webull Step-by-Step

Step 1

If you haven’t already done so you’ll want to open a Webull account. Using this link will allow you to receive two free shares of stock at anytime. I cannot speak to which account type makes the most sense for your specific situation but I’ve read that opening an IRA account does NOT allow you to receive the bonus.

Step 2

You’ll want to fund you’re account with $100 or more. Don’t be alarmed here if you’re not interested in truly using the platform. Once your deposit settles and you’ve received the free shares of stock you could always withdraw the money, never having risked a dime.

Step 3

Typically, the Webull refer a friend progam takes about 15 days to fully complete their issuance of free shares.

Step 4

Navigate to the My Rewards menu by clicking the Account icon in the top right of the phone app or web app as shown below.

Phone App

Web App

Webull refer a friend account menu
Webull Phone App Account Menu
webull web app account menu
Webull Web App Account Menu
Webull refer a friend my rewards
Webull Phone App My Rewards
Webull web app promotion center
Webull Web App Promotion Center

Step 5

Claim the rewards. Accordingly, they’ll be attributed to your account and you can then sell them to close if you choose.

Phone App

Web App

webull refer a friend claim rewards
Webull Phone App Claim Rewards
webull web app claim rewards
Webull Web App Claim Rewards

Refer a Friend to Webull = Dividends?

Now that you know how to refer friends to Webull, why not head over to your favorite social media site or forum and post your unique referral link for everyone to see. Additionally, to find your unique referral link for the current promotion simply click “promotion center” on the phone app to copy the link and share with with world.

Similarly, as promotions change, go back to the “promotion center” to grab the latest code and share again to any channel you’d like and watch as those FREE shares start to roll into your Webull account. However, please be mindful that these are your friends so don’t overwhelm them with a new post everyday.

Final thoughts

I don’t know how long Webull will continue to offer these bonuses to members for referring people to their platform. As such, I think now is a great time to consider adding this potential method of income to your income stream. Furthermore, for those just getting started with trading and investing take advantage of the FREE money while these promotions last. Nevertheless, feel free to open a Webull Account here.

Have a question or comment? Leave it in the comments below. Additionally, reach me anytime directly at Jeff@OptionBoxer.com.

God bless,