Bollinger Bands Trading Strategy

Bollinger Bands Trading Strategy

As noted in the title of this post, I’ll be using the next few paragraphs to discuss the Bollinger Bands trading strategy. Using the Bollinger Bands indicator I’ll uncover the potential power behind this simple but often overlooked trading tool.

Bollinger Bands were developed by John Bollinger to determine overbought and oversold conditions within a market. Additionally, for a complete breakdown of bollinger bands check out this post from However, with some additional information you’ll soon see they’re capable of much more than that!

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Vertical Spread Checklist – A Guide to Profitability

Vertical Spread Success

With so many possible vertical spread combinations singling out the best one is mind numbing, to say the least. Using these steps can help simplify the process and create confidence that major factors haven’t been ignored.

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Proven Trading Formula

Two things I love; trading and sports. The similarities between the two cannot be overstated. Each requires focus, skill, practice, and most of all, strategy. We can learn a lot about successful trading just by studying our favorite teams or players. Let’s discuss, in brief.

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