OptionBoxer Portfolio – Stock and Options Journal


The OptionBoxer Portfolio Spreadsheet is provided as-is with no warranty, no support, and no refunds. Please be sure you want it before purchasing. Finally please feel free to view the video below for a complete tutorial of the spreadsheet.

I want to say a very big thank you for your support in purchasing or for simply viewing any of my media. It means a lot!

God bless,



OptionBoxer Portfolio – Stock and Options Journal Includes;

  • Dashboard Overview
  • Portfolio Allocation
  • Investment Projection
  • Dividend Income graph by month
  • Options income graph by month
  • All income graph by month
  • Dynamic watchlist
  • Stock valuation
  • Investment & Option performance
  • Dividend CAGR calculator
  • Value average calculator
  • Option premium calculator
  • Covered call management tool
  • Options expectancy tools
  • Covered call calculator
  • Cash secured put comparison calculator


More features may be added to the stock and options journal in the future but there is no guarantee. I’m making this available as a one time purchase but please know; refunds or support will not be provided. Please DO NOT purchase if you’re unsure. The spreadsheet is available for Google Sheets only and I’ve deliberately avoided using any macros, scripts, or extensions that would potentially create a barrier to use. Additionally, I’ve elected to share my actual spreadsheet rather than providing a copy, which means that at any point you can use the link provided at purchase to view the trades and investments I’m making. However, this doesn’t mean what I’m doing is right or useful for you but I’m leaving it for those that may be interested to follow me on my journey.


First steps;

  1. Upon completed payment you’ll be taken to a page requiring you to create a copy of the spreadsheet. The sheet is 100% safe and there are no macros, scripts, or extensions to speak of but Google reminds us anyway with the yellow banner. Simply click copy and the spreadsheet will be added to your Google drive as a copy of mine. You can change the name inside Google drive to whatever you prefer.
  2. Delete all transactions and options transactions data by highlighting from B4:J4, scroll to the last row of data, hold shift, click J?(whatever number the last row is at that point), then hit backspace. That should remove all of my data. Complete that process for both the transactions and options transactions pages and you’ll be ready to input your own trade data.
  3. View the “Setup” tab and update the spreadsheet with your preferred criteria. Out of the box you’ll see the strategies, beginning year, and starting balances I’m using.
  4. Throughout the spreadsheet you’ll notice text notes attributed to various section titles. These notes will provide detailed steps needed to expand the spreadsheets functionality or visibility.
  5. Finally, should you be using this from a country other than the USA, the formulas pulling pricing data from Finviz.com would need to be changed to a website that could provide the same data for your country’s equity markets.


For additional information please watch the video included below where I walk through the spreadsheet and discuss its use in detail. Please also feel free to visit my free trading tools page for more useful tools.

I truly thank you for your support and wish you the very best on your own investing journey.

God bless,


Disclaimer: The OptionBoxer Portfolio – Stock and Options Journal should NOT be viewed as investment advice. Please conduct your own research or contact a qualified financial professional prior to trading or investing.


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