Directional Trading System


This trading system will up your game immediately. The tools uncovered within will finally help make sense of the financial markets using options. From entry to exit, everything you’ll need is included. Also, included at no additional charge is a companion video showing step-by-step exactly how to use the system.


The only directional trading system you’ll ever need. With the tools presented in this report and in the accompanying video you’ll have everything needed to tackle the markets. From analysis to taking profits, everything is included and if you ever have a question I’ll be there to help.

Table of Contents:

Market analysis – Determining market trend

Watch list creation – Why it’s necessary

Primary technical indicators

Secondary technical indicators

Technical Analysis

Market Analysis

Determining market and stock direction

Entering and Exiting trades

Profit targets and stop losses


Money management principles

Trade adjustments

And much more…

This report includes everything you see above with a 1 hour companion video to highlight important concepts from the report. I’ve used this method countless times to consistently draw money out of the market and into my account. I’ve back tested this system over 20 years to ensure validity and with these techniques your trading is sure to improve immediately. Therefore, learn from my mistake and buy this course, the alternative is years of inconsistent and unprofitable trading. Furthermore, I’ve traded the financial markets for more than 10 years and in that time I’ve suffered more losses than I care to admit. This report and video companion is a collection of the lessons learned and its all dialed into a single report with an hour long video included. You owe it to yourself… save the time, energy, and capital needed to master the markets and buy this course today!

May God bless and keep your trading forever profitable,

Jeff “OptionBoxer”


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