Core Iron Condor Trading System


The Core Iron Condor (CIC) Strategy is the only option trade you’ll ever need. When market conditions are favorable simply follow the detailed rules and if the conditions become unfavorable follow the next set of rules. Its just that easy. In no time you’ll be placing larger trades, multiple contract positions, and be on your way to the trading promise land – Consistent profitability!


The Core Iron Condor Strategy is my unique twist on the powerful iron condor trade. My Iron Condor strategy is particularly powerful because risk is mitigated upon entry, at every market turn, and often eliminated entirely. This report explains, step-by-step, my CIC strategy, from entry to exit… including adjustments!!

What to expect in this report…

  • Full, detailed instruction for the Iron Condor system!
  • Trade criteria rules.
  • Entry rules.
  • Risk mitigation calculations.
  • Exit criteria rules.
  • Profit criteria rules.
  • Outlier considerations.
  • Additional profit considerations.
  • Proper adjustments at the right time.
  • Full detail case study reviewing the complete strategy.

This approach to iron condor trading couldn’t be any easier. Concisely written, with clear and straightforward rules for success. Many traders enter and exit trades on a whim, without a plan! This leaves them open to financial ruin. However, my Iron Condor trading methodology is easy to understand, easy to implement, and easy to manage. Every step is included in this incredibly powerful strategy system!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach me via the contact page and I’ll answer any question you may have.

God bless,

Jeff “The Option Boxer”


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