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The only stock or options analysis spreadsheet tool you need to tackle the market with confidence. The spreadsheet is packed with tools to maximize performance immediately and do it without breaking a sweat! Stop wasting hours on the “due diligence” and let the information come to you. Enter the desired trade and see how it stacks up in the market. If the spreadsheet returns an undesirable result you’ll know its time to move on to the next trade.

Using the power of excel this analysis spreadsheet will use the most important investment and options metrics every trader needs and simplify it into clear concise information, on any ticker, at any time! Simply enter the required pieces of information and watch as the spreadsheet analyzes the data for you. Its easy to use and requires very little excel knowledge. Simply follow the included instructional video inside and let’s tackle the financial markets together.

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OptionBoxer Analysis Spreadsheet

*Analysis Spreadsheet designed for use with ThinkorSwim & PC ONLY… at least for now!*


System Requirements for OptionBoxer Analysis Spreadsheet

Windows – Requires Microsoft Excel with macros enabled. Nothing more! Everything works immediately.

Mac – Requires Windows be run virtually or via dual-boot. More information about each can be found at the respective links below. Each option listed here is FREE at the time of this writing.

  1. VMware Fusion – Retrieve a free personal use license.
  2. Dual Boot – Information regarding this method from Apple.

Additionally, to retrieve a free copy of Windows for use with Dual boot and possibly VMware Fusion please have a look here, Windows Insider Program. It’s FREE, LEGAL, LEGITIMATE and fully supported by Microsoft.


Tired of pouring through endless streams of data? I know I was…So I decided to create this one of a kind analysis spreadsheet tool to complete one monumental task. Find the necessary information and find it fast, with very little effort.

After years of wading through thousands of options chains, endless statistical calculations, and one technical indicator after another it occurred to me… I’m just wasting a lot of precious time. Time I could be spending doing something much more meaningful. Precious time I could spend with family and friends. Time I won’t get back. In other words, time I could be doing anything more exciting than reading company financial documents or options statistics, again, for the millionth time.

Probably, just like you, I have a day job. I don’t have time to pour through the data each night to find my next trade. As an illustration, what ends up happening is I look at what I can and then pull out my darts to throw a few at the board from 100 yards away. A useless exercise no doubt and one that’s unfortunately cost me thousands over the years. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I liked trading and I relished the idea of having my money work for me but with all the extra work and the mounting losses it just seemed irresponsible to keep going. So I quit…mostly :). I traded off and on for a year or two, basically just stashing my cash in my brokerage account and waiting for something to change.

Here’s what happened

During that time, I started batting around the idea that it was my inherent bias toward the market that was the problem. Although, I still had no idea how to change it. So I thought I’ll create a simple excel journal to track my wins and losses. I did and it helped, but it did little to change the amount of work or time I was putting in. Next I thought, ok I’ve got to have a better plan. I created one. Again, it helped, but what was formerly aimless wandering down the rabbit hole was now slightly more focused wandering down a checklist of rabbit holes. Moreover, somehow I’d increased the amount of time and work I was doing. That wasn’t good for me and at that point I started searching for other investment opportunities. Turns out the stock market is still one of the best investments around.

I went back to the drawing board once more, only this time with a few questions. What information do I think is necessary to feel confident in an investment? In an options trade? Once I’d answered those the puzzle just started falling into place and the spreadsheet available here was born. It was the most fun I’ve ever had sitting for hours on end creating a tool I knew would not only help me become a better trader/investor but would help anyone that used it.

Analysis Spreadsheet Contents

Proprietary options analysis spreadsheet tool to include;

  1. Dynamic directional analysis Indicator
  2. Dynamic market skew Indicator
  3. Long term trend
  4. Dynamic market internals Indicator
  5. Dynamic max pain Indicator
  6. Put and Call options chains
  7. Bid/Ask prices
  8. Intrinsic/Extrinsic values
  9. The greeks
  10. Probability OTM
  11. Current IV
  12. Open interest
  13. Volume
  14. Beta
  15. Put/Call ratio
  16. Sizzle index
  17. Put/Call Sizzle index
  18. DTE
  19. Expected moves
  20. Much, much, More!!

All built on the shoulders of excel and ready for slicing as you see fit. Simply add another sheet to the workbook and calculate the data as needed.

One-of-a-Kind Investment analysis spreadsheet includes;

  1. Proprietary investment score
  2. Virtually all conceivable fundamental metrics;
    1. Book value
    2. BVPS
    3. FCF/Share
    4. Yield
    5. PE
    6. Sales Growth
    7. Price/Sales
    8. Price/Book
    9. Price/FCF
    10. Debt/Equity
    11. Buyback Yield
    12. Shareholder Yield
    13. Current Ratio
    14. Payout Ratio
    15. And so much more!!

All of which are used to calculate and score a desired investment without the need for endless calculations on your end. Again, all built for easy manipulation within excel to find that perfect combination of metrics that adds that drum of refined crude to your investment fire!


Bonus tools included;

No toolbelt would be complete with out a few additional tools. Some tried and true, some new, but all designed to maximize profitability.

  1. Cyclical Analysis Spreadsheet tool – Wondering why May is such a bad time to trade the SPY, or curious why your consumer staples stocks are underperforming? Just break out this tool to have a look at the absolute best time to be invested in a certain market.
  2. Compound Interest Calculator – The flagship of analysis spreadsheet investment tools! Want to see how much you need to save and how often to reach a certain value at retirement? Don’t bother Googling for one, its right here.
  3. Value Average Calculator – A unique tool designed to target a 10% growth portfolio.
  4. Fibonacci Calculator – The universe at work in the financial markets. Simply enter the high and low of an uptrend or a downtrend and identify that next major support or resistance level effortlessly. Here is a Fibonnacci trading definition for more clarification.
  5. More tools currently being built and scheduled to be released soon!

Everything you see here is packed into this spreadsheet workbook and I apologize if this post has become a cheesy sales letter. I just feel strongly that it will help and I would love to make some extra income for the work I’ve put into it. If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out at Jeff@OptionBoxer.com.

For more information now, please view the complete walkthrough videos listed below to better understand the tools that are included and how to use them.

Analysis Spreadsheet Cost & What You’ll Get When You Buy

Every purchase is a one time charge of $54.99 + Tax. No recurring charges here. However, given the nature of downloadable products, once you’ve used it there really isn’t a way to return it and as such no returns will be given unless first discussed at Jeff@OptionBoxer.com. Additionally, please know I don’t have a team of people responding to emails. You will receive a message directly from me.

Every purchase will include a 3 download license. Simply fill in the criteria during purchase (name, email, zip, etc.) to create an account and you can return there to view invoices, download updates, and receive discounts for any future purchases.

Legal Stuff

Pretty straight forward. Under no circumstances is the spreadsheet to be disseminated for any reason. Moreover, you paid for something no one else has, probably best not to give away the secrets to our success. Your accounts and my own thank you very much for understanding.

This spreadsheet is NOT a replacement for a qualified tax or investment professional or their services. This spreadsheet is NOT a recommendation, nor will it provide a recommendation for you to buy or sell any security or place any trade. OptionBoxer.com or its affiliates make no claim to the accuracy of the spreadsheet and accept no liability for your use of the spreadsheet. The Optionboxer spreadsheet listed here is provided for educational purposes only and any reliance on the spreadsheet is strictly your own.

Still have a question? You know how to reach me… Jeff@OptionBoxer.com

P.S. If you need journaling and trade analytics, the analyze & journal spreadsheet may be a better choice. Check it out, OptionBoxer Analyze & Journal.

God bless,


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