4 Bags of Gold Trading System


The 4 Bags of Gold Trading system includes everything you’ll need to rethink traditional investment ideology. Its time to grab 4 bags of gold from each and every investment we make. Start today and never stop earning your way to the life you want.

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Exactly as the name implies, this trading system is just that. An all-inclusive system designed to make as much money as possible in the smallest amount of time possible. I get it, that’s a bold claim and one you’ve heard all to often and from just about every corner of the internet. The 4 Bags of Gold strategy targets four different income streams within the stock market to bolster capital appreciation and make any bear market the most lucrative of opportunities.

I don’t know, How Does it Work?

The 4 Bags of Gold system takes the classic Covered Call strategy, rips it apart, then rebuilds it in such a way that we take more money out of the market. Furthermore, the only source of income for the covered call investor is whatever premiums are currently being offered in the call market. However, its not even close to what I’d call, downside protection. Moreover, let the share price fall below you’re cost basis and finding a call with any premium above the cost is virtually impossible.

But we can forget about all of that, with this trading system, we’ll take money out of the market like clockwork, even if the market falls. No, especially when the market falls! That’s right, we’re getting paid a big return to let the market do whatever it wants while we sit back, relax, and collect even more shares of our favorite companies. Seems to good to be true, I know, but the reality is the wealthiest among us are doing the exact same thing. The only problem, they aren’t sharing the information and for the life of me I don’t know why.

As a sidenote, here’s a post from Investopedia: Four Advantages of Options. I guess good things come in fours!

The 4 Bags of Gold Trading System Will Change the Way You View the Stock Market

With the 4 Bags of Gold trading system I’ve identified 4 lucrative income streams to take advantage of owning stock in the company of your choice and inside you’ll find every detail to sky rocket your earnings from here until forever.

Let me ask you this way, why do people own investment property?

The answer is to earn an income, right? Why aren’t we treating our stocks the same way. You see, with investment properties, everything has a cost. Moreover, the tenant pays rent and various fees for everything under the sun. Additionally, the tenant even pays a large deposit before ever having moved in! That is hardly the greatest of scenarios for the renter but quite the lucrative one for the property owner. Couple that with owning multiple properties and the income really starts to roll. Now, imagine doing that yourself without ever having to listen to an annoying tenant. All things considered, I’d say that’s pretty good indeed.

Inside I’m going to show you exactly how to do just that with the stocks you already own and how to get even more shares of your favorite companies. All without the need to commit copious amounts of your own money to the investment. The strategy is so simple a beginner could do it but so powerful even the most experienced of us will nod and smile in agreement.

I hope you’ll consider what this strategy has to offer and if I can ever be of assistance please don’t hesitate to reach me in the comments on this site or at jeff@optionboxer.com. I have two dreams. First, share the goodness of Jesus with everyone who’ll listen. Two, finance traveling around the world to anywhere I want to go without ever worrying about the cost.

Have you met Jesus? He’s waiting for you! Have you traveled the world? The 4 bags of Gold system may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

4 Bags of Gold Trading System

4 Bags of Gold Trading System

What’s Included in This Trading System;

  1. Complete Instruction on the 4 Bags of Gold Trading Strategy
  2. A proprietary Calculator to find the heaviest Gold Bags
  3. A written Contract between You and You to stay consistent
  4. A complete Tracking Journal to stay up to date on your positions
  5. A unique projection calculator to see what the future holds
  6. A companion video discussing the complete strategy



I am not a registered investment advisor and the 4 Bags of Gold system is distributed for enrichment and education only. Additionally, the 4 Bags of Gold system is provided as is without any guarantee of success or failure using the information provided. You should consult a registered investment professional and a qualified tax professional prior to trading or investing. Nothing within should be viewed as a solicitation to buy or sell any security or place any trade. Any such activity is at your own discretion and risk.


The price of the 4 Bags of Gold Trading System is set at $100 but will move up in price at regular intervals so please don’t wait. Additionally, I have no plans to discount the strategy at any time. Similarly, other companies charge thousands for comparable trading systems.


You’ll need the capital required to invest in the stock market, a broker, and excel (or similar) to open an .xlsx file. That’s it, no special tools or equipment are required.

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