Hello again everyone, included below please find a FREE copy of the Options Wheel Strategy Spreadsheet. I’ll save the long introduction and get right into discussing the features of the sheet.

For those new to this strategy please have a look at Options trading IQ.

Download your copy of the Options Wheel Strategy Spreadsheet here. Its available freely and safely. If you have any questions please reach out if I can assist.

Step 1 – Create a copy

Step 2 – Append copy to a new sheet

*Admittedly, steps one, two, and three are something you didn’t need me to list but they’re important so you always have the primary sheet as a functioning template. Pretty much, just copy and paste the primary sheet to a new sheet.

Step 3 – Rename sheet to your liking

*For details on how to complete steps 1 – 3 please have a look at my free Covered Call Spread spreadsheet here.

Step 4 – Enter Options Contract Details

To enter the stock data into the FREE options wheel strategy spreadsheet you’ll need to type the ticker symbol and hit enter or tab over to have it populate. Sometimes, if you just click to a new cell excel will not populate the data. Further, enter the number of contracts, type of contract, strike price, and credit or debit. Finally, select the trades status using the drop down.

Options wheel strategy data input
Options Contract Details Input

Step 5 – Changing the contract status

As the position changes or additional trades are placed you’ll need to revisit the contract status bar to make the appropriate selection. For instance, if you’ve been assigned you’ll want to input “assigned open”. Then, move to the next line and enter any call option data for the options wheel strategy. Afterward, if your call is exercised you’ll want to select “exercised” and then change the original put contract to “assigned closed”. If you have any questions please view the video above or reach me in the comments.

Step 6 – Investment Lookup

Utilizing the dropdown window, select the desired company you would like to view. This will return the current number of open shares held, their relevant cost and cost basis, and full profit/loss detail for the investment.

Using the options wheel strategy spreadsheet to view specific investments
Options Wheel strategy Investment lookup

The rest of the spreadsheet will calculate and populate without further data entry. Additionally, you’ll be able to view all assigned or exercised contracts separately as well as lookup specific investments as desired.

For anyone interested in tracking, analyzing, and reviewing every trade, do check out the OptionBoxer Analyze and Journal spreadsheet. You may be surprised at all it can do.

God bless,